Havertz was recommended to Real Madrid, Florentino refused decisively

The Spanish media Real Madrid reported that Leverkusen midfielder Haverts was recommended to Real Madrid, and the player’s agent has already contacted and talked to Real Madrid. However, Leverkusen insisted on asking for 100 million, Florentino did not want to spend this money for him.

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El Real Madrid siente que el Leverkusen, sin embargo, es demasiado caro

Haverts is only 20 years old, but he is already the undisputed midfielder of Leverkusen. In the 18/19 season, Haverts scored 20 goals in 42 appearances in various games and had 6 direct assists. This season, Haverts has made 34 appearances, all of which are starters, surrendering 10 goals and 8 assists. It is very promising to achieve a «double double» season.

As the hottest new star in football today, the authoritative website Germany turned to Havertz with a valuation of 81 million euros, second only to Dortmund winger Sancho in the Bundesliga. It is reported that Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Bayern are all interested in introducing Hafts, Leverkusen priced him 100 million euros.

However, Barcelona is currently focusing on Neymar and Lautaro, it may be difficult to introduce Haverts, and Bayern’s main goal is Sane, I am afraid it is difficult to spend a lot of money to dig the corner of the 20-year-old star. Therefore, the voice of Real Madrid revealed that Haverts’s agent found Real Madrid, hoping that the Galaxy Battleship could facilitate the transaction.

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Sin embargo, Leverkusen es ahora el caso donde nadie compra

But it is embarrassing that although Real Madrid had intended Harvard before, Florentino knew that Bayern also wanted to introduce him and then dropped out of the competition. Now, Real Madrid are also affected by the epidemic, so they have no intention of paying 100 million on Haverts.

Real Madrid ’s idea is understandable, because the Galaxy battleship does not lack a midfielder. In addition to Cross, Modric, Casemiro, Feder Valverde and Isco, Edego may also return next season. , There is no need to repeat investment in Haverts.

Real Madrid currently needs to solve the problem of weak forward. Harland and Mbappe are the key points. Even if they really want to introduce midfielders, Zidane wants Pogba more than Havertz. Therefore, Haverts is in the embarrassment of having a price but no one buys it. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have not listed him as the first signing target. He is likely to stay in Leverkusen.

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